SANC School Operation Procedures and Policy
Saturday, 10 January 2009 00:00


The 2009 SANC school year has started January 4, and will end June 28, 2009.

The program is held every Sunday.


Activity Schedule:

 Time Activity
 10:00-10:45 1st Period
 11:00-11:45 2nd Period
 11:45-12:45 3rd Period



  • To be provided by Parents
  • Encouraged to be healthy, nutritious and non-sugary
  • List of children with known specific-food  allergies will be posted in the classrooms for teachers
  • The last Sunday of each month will be a Bake-Sale-Day. Please send baked goods to help with the fundraiser


Dress Code:

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for the weather and playing outdoors
  • Scarf for girls are rcommended to bring to wear at Quran sessions


 The following discounted rate applies to parents who have paid their SANC membership annual dues:

1 child
2 children
 3 children
 $ 200.00 / Six Months $ 300.00 / Six Months $350.00 / Six Months
  • $50 /month for each child for parents who did not pay their SANC membership annual dues
  • $5.00 per child for books.
  • Registration fees will cover four classroom rent, general liability insurance, supplies, study materials, and photocopying.
  • Make  check payable to Sudanese Association for North California or (S.A.N.C).
  •  If a child is to be withdrawn from the school, a one-month’s advanced notice is required. A prorated refund will be awarded for the remaining unattended months
  • No refunds for illness, vacations, emergency, or weather related school closure, or designated school holiday.

Parents Participation:

  • Parent's input and participation is highly encouraged.  
  • Parents must notify the school of their child’s absence.     
  • Children may occasionally go on field trips, such as musemum,fairyland. Parent  organizers and chaperons are often needed.
  • Occasionaly parents are encouraged to provide supervision and transprtation for field trip and  other activities. This is a useful opportunity for parents to share their child's school experience. 

All visitors/parents are to check at front desk at arrival, and wait next to the entrance .


Expectations from Students:

We aim to create a positive learning and respectable atmosphere. Students are expected to:

  • attend regularly & punctually
  • work to the best of their ability
  • respect the rights & property of others
  • obey school rules
  • accept responsibility for their own actions
  • be polite & courteous to staff & other students
  • Use acceptable language
  • be  properly dressed
  • complete school & homework assignments


Is a group of  volunteers from the community. The staff is expected to::

  • teach classes and guide activities
  • coach the students with regards to acceptable behavior
  • deal with unacceptable behavior in a reasonable,  fair & consistent manner.

Desired Outcome:

  • Children will play and learn safely and happily
  • Children will be more expressive in a supportive and positive way
  • Polite, kind, helpful interactions will happen
  • Staff  to spend time and energy in academic and activities pursuits benefiting the students
  • Parents will have happier children at home and be pleased with good behavior observed when visiting the school.

Behavioral Referral White Slips:

  •  Inappropriate behavior/violence will not be tolerated, and may result in suspension or dismissal from current and future school session

A sequential set of consequences will take place when behavioral problems arise. 

  • Upon the first infraction, the student receives a Behavior Referral/ white slip noting the circumstances observed.  The classroom teacher files this form for future reference. 
  • Parents will be notified if a child receives a white slip.  
  • Parents' positive and supportive input is a necessary component of this program.  Should a parent receives a notification of a behavior concern, please take the time to discuss, teach and reinforce how your child can improve behavior in the future.
  • Parents are to communicate corrective action taken by signing the bottom section of the slip.  Home and school working together can establish firm yet supportive control and help solve problems for your child and the school.  
  • A home/school partner ship is an effective approach to making a permanent difference.
  • In-School Actions may include:  1.     Informal talk 2.    Parental involvement   3.     Withdrawal of privileges  4.  Other appropriate consequences 5.      Extra assignments  6.     Class exclusion   7.   In-school suspension    
  • Should a student receive another white slip, parents will be contacted by telephone by the principal/ classroom teacher to discuss the problem and seek solutions.  
  • A set of 3 Behavioral Referral Slips may result in one of the following consequences: 1.  Parental/school meeting  2.   in-school suspension  3. at home suspension  4.   withdrawal of privileges ( trips, special events)  4. loss of outdoor time  5. Expulsion 
  • We trust that you will be supportive of these efforts to provide a safe and happy learning environment for your child.
  • Most of our students are well-behaved and we do not want the unacceptable actions of a few to jeopardize the well-being of the majority.  
  • We believe that correction of minor incidents will lessen the opportunity for simple problems to escalate into major concerns.
  • Below is the format of white slip form:


SANC School







 Student Name
 Teacher on Duty  _______________________________

 Your child

 violated the 

 following rule:

  ___  Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  ___  Keep your feet on the ground
  ___  Hands off others' properties
  ___  No teasing or name calling

 ___  Follow instructions & co-Operate

  ___  Other

 One of the

 following measures

 was taken:

  ___ Child sent home
  ___ Other