A Message From SANC School
Saturday, 10 January 2009 00:00


The school year started on Jan 4th 2009 with 40 registered students.

Thanks for a great opening of the school. We continue to welcome new registrations.

It was thrilling to see so many parents and students meeting, greeting, and showing  their support for their child (ren).

The parents have attended the School meeting on November 8th,2008 and have elected the School board (Magdi, Dr.loai, Hiba, Nagwa, Amel and Manahel).

I am excited to welcome you to a new school year at

San Leandro Adult School. It was enjoyable to meet all of you at the orientation on Sunday. I look forward to getting our community children to know each other.

This year, we have added two additional classrooms and one more hour every week.

Also, we would like to express our appreciation for last year's teachers: Hafiz, Nahla. Their endeavor set principles rule for SANC School. Thanks to the new teachers:  Sheikh Abdulrasheed and Nahla , and the continuing teachers: Hadeel ,Amel, Hana and Amel.


Now that school has  been started, As you know, homework can make your home a heaven or a battleground. Fortunately, you can set the tone for homework time through careful planning and perseverance. The secret to success is to follow up on schoolwork seriously. Making attending  the school  a family commitment will help your child develop lifelong Arabic skills . Here are some tips: 

  • Keep in touch with the teacher, call or meet  the teacher.
  • Be consistent. Make  homework a routine part  of  one of  the week day.
  • Check SANC website for homework assignments and updates
 Please review the school policy posted on SANC website to help all of us to be on the same page. 



                 Manal Omer

                 Program Manager