25 Sep 2008 Officers Meeting Munites
Wednesday, 24 December 2008 11:17
09/25/2008 @ 9:00 pm
Duration: 2 hours


* Eid program

* Membership fees


1. Magdi Osman      2.
Sharaf Nousr eldin
3. Susan Ali              4. Ibrahim Ayad
5. Ahmed Trawa      6.Manal Abd Aziz
7. Haram  Saeed            8.
Nada (please respond back with your full name)
9. Sabah
(please respond back with your full name)

Ali Abd Alraheem Ali
Elemam Abd Allah Elemam
Dr. Adil Ahmed Ismail
Iftar costs 500

surplus + what is left from the pervious period $ 900 + 90

The Salla for the Eid is 450 + 250 deposit

* Sabah; usually the eid program is $20,and it should be a potluck, $100 is too much for the EId party.

* Susan: agrees with Saba7 and suggested the same.

* Sharaf: inquiring of who is responsible from the Kabli Party, suggested since the benificary of the
party is has not paid the associatation's fees we should not support him.

* Susan & Ayad: Responding to Sharaf; this is has nothing to do with that person being a paying member or not.
as long as he is a sudanese and what he is doing does not contradict with the association's constitution we must
support him. We are here to unite all members and encourage them to join our cause.

* Ahmed Trawa: if we get the party to break even i think we suceeded, in an other word that if we get the people
to be happy that night and have a good time, that is a success in itself. Also added we should cover all legal loop
wholes and ask the benificiary to sign a responsiblity statement, for any after party damage(s).

* Sabah: its a good idea that we can attract other members.
* Nada: private parties are usually a concern to the public, and members will think that we ask them for too much
therefore we should make it clear that SANC is not part of the pary
* Haram: The feedback from the community suggested that we should forgo the Eid party since its much costy.

* Sabah: not much of profit will come back from the party in general
* Magdi: Has stated that we (SANC) have help members before to hold private parties without sharing their profits,so we
should help all paying or non-paying members.

******Eid program*****

Sharaf correct Email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) should be responsible from water,Napkins & Materials with help from Haram & Nada

* Manal Abd Aziz => kids are more important we should focus on them. Part of Manal's party enablers:
* Pop corn
*Jumpers approx. cost = $ 150
*Cotton Candies approximate cost= $60
*Face painting
*Soccer game between the youth and their parents


Ayad: Email should be sent out to all the community (Done)

San Clara County Ali & Ayad (in the works)

Oakland: Haram and Manal

Hayward, Union City, Fremont, San Leandro, San Ramon, Tracy, Castro Valley, Alameda: Sabah

**Sound Systems, Magdi Osman