Soccer Tournament Pictures
Sunday, 21 December 2008 19:21
Muntasir, Bakri, Ali & Tarig celebrating the trophie

Muntasir, Bakri, Ali, & Tarig celebrating the trophy

SANC organized a mini soccer tournament. Each captain selected 8 players for their team. 3 teams competed for the trophy.

Congratulations to captain Bakri Elhaj' team. They won the tournament.

The winner takes it all




The winning team: Amin, Ahmed, Bakri, Najm Aldin, Alaa, Tarig, Ali, & Muntasir



Yasir's did well also: From left: Hashim, Yasir,  Ali, Mohamed, Mazin, Luay, Imad, M. Kamal, Awad, Hamada, Tarig, Nazir, and Alaa (Alaa played in Bakri's team)



Ahmed Shaoona about to score a goal, with help from Najm Aldin, and Alaa, beating Ahmed Abdelsalam, Imad, and Loay.



Corner setup



 Loay officiating



Looks like both Loay and Loay like to control the whistle Cool



Najm Eldin, Sami, Muntasir, Mohamed, Loay, and Loay