SANC Mission
Friday, 03 April 2015 09:18

The Sudanese Association of Northern California (SANC) is a 501c(3) social and
cultural, non political, non religious, non-profit established in 2001 that serves the
Sudanese community of the San Francisco Bay Area, established in 2001. SANC's
social mission is to provide the Sudanese community with a forum to gather socially,
providing support where needed. SANC’s cultural mission includes organizing cultural
events and festivals, including traditional arts. SANC's educational mission includes
educating the community's American-born children in Sudanese culture, folklore, and
language, and providing the community with learning opportunities to help them better
be engaged citizens. SANC also aims to foster understanding with the larger American
public by participating in cultural events and outreach around the San Francisco Bay Area.