2012 SANC Elections Guidelines
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 00:47

Eligibility for voting and for the Executive Committee applicants:

Definition: The Executive Committee means any member of that body including the president

The following terms detail who can apply for the Executive Committee or vote:

1-      Must pay their 2012 SANC  annual dues prior to voting or applying ($50 per household)

2-      Must be 18 years or older by the day of the elections

3-      Elections Committee members are eligible to vote but not apply

4-      According to SANC  bylaws: Members of the current committee who have served  for two consecutive terms  are not eligible for reapplying,  thus the following are not eligible for this re-elections:

a-       Ali Abdelrahim

b-       Ibrahim Ayad

c-       Gamila Abdelhalim

d-       Sabah Babikir

e-       Haram Saeed

f-        Nagwa Salih

Elections Committee:

1-      In the day of the elections, and after dissolving the current executive committee, the Elections Committee will take over and will be the final decision maker

2-      In case of a disagreement between the Elections Committee members, simple majority vote of the election committee members shall prevail

3-      The Election Committee shall allow people to apply and encourage them to do so till they call a final list of applicants

4-      Anonymous voting system should be followed for both members and president

5-      The 2012 Elections Committee members are:

a-      Abdelrahman Mukhtar

b-      Siddig Aadam

c-       Alyaa Mahjoub

d-      Magdi Osman

e-      Hisham Mahjoub

6-      If any of the Elections Committee members was not able to perform their role, the president or vice president of the outgoing committee shall appoint someone  instead

Voting for the president:

1-      Every eligible voter must check only one name of the president office applicants’ list

2-      The applicant with the highest number of votes shall be named president

Voting for other Executive Committee members

1-      Every eligible voter must check up to 9  names of the other Executive Committee members  applicants’ list

2-      The top 9 applicants with the highest number of votes shall be named members of the Executive Committee  

3-      Other than the president, offices assignment will be left for a later decision by the new Executive Committee